Mental Training and Stretching to Crossfit Shorts all for a 10k Run

Very few people who do crossfit spend time contemplating how to run a kilometer or complete a fun run. For runners who sign up for a 10k, certain techniques are necessary to make the run as smooth as possible. New runners normally set a 10k as their first landmark. It is double the distance of many beginner races, but is still achievable for intermediate runners. To get race ready within a few months, some of the following tips should be used to prepare if you have only ever focused on crossfit and cycling in the past.

Selecting the Correct Running Shoes

One of the first things to look at is the type of running shoes that are needed. running shoes are different to crossfit shoes and cycling shoes so it’s important to invest in an additional pair just for running. People who use the inside of their feet more are known as an overpronator. If they walk on the outside edge more, they are an underpronator. To figure out if someone is an underpronator or overpronater, individuals should visit a running store. Once they known which type of shoes to by, individuals should look for shoes that do not cause the heel to rub in the back. There should also be enough space around the big toe. Since shoes are needed in all kinds of weather, the running shoes should also be lightweight and breathable.

Check out this video that goes into more detail regarding finding the right pair of shoes for running

Buy the Correct Pair of Shorts

I have a lot of shorts for a lot of different sports and activity’s I think the last time I looked I had about 70 pairs of shorts all in pretty good condition as I look after all my stuff.
It often surprises me when I see other people wearing shorts that are totally out of place! e.g. a guy comes to our crossfit session once a week and he either has a pair of basketball shorts or a very old pair of running shorts neither are or ever will be any use for crossfit.
Ok I could talk about this all day and why it bothers me so much but if you want a pair of crossfit shorts for workouts go here and if you need a pair of shorts for running try here.

A Crossfit Running Training Strategy

Like any race, a 10k needs to be trained for in advance. Many runners that also do crossfit training divide their training cycles into base, speed and strength. The training sessions are also sorted into peak and recovery sections. For the base phase, the runs should be longer and at a steady space. As the runner progresses to speed phases, they should use more sprints. The strength session should include exercises that strengthen the lower legs and work on hills. At the peak, the runner is regularly running the full race distance with their personal best time. Roughly one week before the race, a rest period is advised. The running distance or intensity can be tapered off so that the body can completely recover.

Check out this video that demonstrates how to improve your crossfit running efforts

Stretching for any Workout

Studies have shown that athletes who stretch before working out are far less likely to suffer from an injury. Static stretches, unfortunately, tend to weaken muscles since the muscles are too relaxed. Instead of these stretches, individuals should try to use more dynamic stretching techniques. Lungs and leg kicks are excellent ways to get the legs warmed up.
For cycling I tend to build up over a ten minutes routine that includes, walking, power walking and light jogging.
For crossfit I take longer because the crossfit workout  is more extreme I add in jumping and light weights until I feel my body getting warm.

Mental Training

Running is about more than just the physical nature of the body. Individuals have to be mentally strong in order to run at their best speed. Weeks before race day, runners should visualize their run. This can prepare the body for the race and can help runners to visualize their way through difficult parts.

The problem for myself and many other crossfit people is the distance but cycling helps a lot and by adding long distance running to the mix of crossfit and cycling your fitness levels will go to new levels.
During the race or a daily run, a mantra can also be used. It should be composed of an inspirational word or phrase. By using a mantra, the runner can take their mind off of the pain and return their focus to their inspiration. Meditating at home with a mantra can also teach the mind how to focus better on the task at hand.
Keeping a run mentally exciting can be difficult. Different locations, paths or intensities can make the run more exciting. Although a daily run around the block is easy to do, it can get boring over time. Find some local trails or parks to get a more varied exercising experience. Runners can try practicing on slopes to increase the workout’s variety and to build a more efficient stride.

Top Training Techniques for a 10k Run

Other Tips

To track the training sessions, runners can make a chart so they can track their progress. This makes it easier to map out the path to race day, but it also helps to provide a type of motivation. If daily runs are written down on a board, it discourages cheating and laziness. If it is not convenient to make a chart for the fridge, runners can try using an electronic calendar to track their runs. Within a mobile phone or device, they can also schedule runs.

When motivation is needed, runners can reach out to the people around them. They may have a friend or a colleague who interested in running. In addition, writing about a run on a social networking site helps to create an atmosphere of accountability and motivation. Once friends know about the goal, they will be more likely to offer support and encouragement.

Runners have to be prepared mentally and physically for their race. The worst possible outcome is to try to complete a 10k without any prior training. For the optimum experience and results, runners should plan their race months in advance. Once the race is scheduled, they should chart out their pathway to success. To stay motivated along the way, different mental techniques and training styles can help. Along with these tips, runners should always warm up before they run and purchase the right shoes. With the proper preparation, runners can prepare and complete their first 10k race.

Crossfit Camp Pendleton Swim Bike Run

It’s 2012 and the crossfit games are just about to start, I remember watching and thinking will we see a combination of crossfit and cycling and the short answer is yes this time cycling will be included and here is the video taken from the event on the day.

The event is held at camp Pendleton and it is set over a 13.24 mile route with a male a female trial.
It looks grueling considering mainly that yes it’s is California USA so it’s hot dam hot but that’s not all, the course itself looks extremely challenging even for a dedicated crossfit and cycling enthusiast.
My own downfall with this event would be the heat I live in the United Kingdom and we don’t get temperatures anywhere near what is going on here but I am pretty confident I could do the course so I set my self a route in the UK more about this in another post.

So the breakdown of this event is

700 meters swim in the ocean

Ok it may sound pretty easy but the ocean is dangerous and unforgiving place to play I have seen people swim out thinking it was a simple task but suddenly become unstuck once they realize there energy has been zapped and now they are stuck needing to be rescued.
The other problem for people who do crossfit is that they mainly focus on building strength by weightlifting and only doing a little bit of cardio training now and then, I see this all the time and it’s no surprise that so many of the competitors struggled with many aspects of this challenge.

I personally do 2000 meters in a pool every two days and I would encourage anyone to do the same or at minimum start to go on a weekly basis to the swimming pool.

6 Mile Bike Race

This would indeed be the highlight of the event for me but again so many competitors have not done any or very little cycling so anyone with a small amount of bike training could do very well in this event.
Assessing this course it for me has everything to challenge you whoever put this together really wants to push the competitors, this is where I would come into my own as I have been riding bikes for as long as I can remember and riding competitively for years.

The thing that gets you with this type of terrain and elevation involved is control, if you can control your speed at a steady pace you will do just fine however if you don’t there is now way you can keep up it’s all about maintaining a rhythm from the beginning.

Crossfit Camp Pendleton Swim Bike Run

1.8 miles in Shifting Sand

As sated in the video the problem with this section is how hard it is to stay on the bike and instead of being able to use the bike as a tool to get you to where you want to be it’s now an additional baggage that you really don’t need at this stage of the event as you where getting into a nice steady flow or at lest you should be!

My advice would be to ensure you don’t injure yourself when carrying the bike as that could be game over and slug it out, try to get the bike into a comfortable position and do what you can.

3 Mile Bike Sprint

I would be wary of sprinting at this stage, again I would keep it steady and in a controlled flow don’t panic if the rest of the field makes progress on you at this point it’s still a marathon not a sprint.

Mirowave Mountain

So this is the final stage and after all that it’s going to be a tough finish but if you have paced yourself up until this point you will be just find and it’s time to step it up.
If you excel in crossfit this is the stage to push on and go for broke check out the video and see who won and how they did it.

Ten Stretches You Should Start Doing Today

Stretching is an essential component of any health and fitness program. Benefits include increased flexibility, injury prevention, and improved quality of life. Whether you are a beginner or professional crossfit athlete, stretching is important to improving your performance. Stretching is also known to increase circulation, reduce stress, and relieve pain all over the body. It can reduce muscle soreness and improve range of motion in the joints. To get started, ten minutes a day of these ten stretches will provide the most results in the shortest period of time.

Top ten stretches for Crossfit Cyclists

Stretch One: Downward-Facing Dog

This popular yoga move can also be used outside of the practice to benefit everyone. Start on your hands and the balls of your feet to create an inverted V shape with your body. Push yourself back through the palms of your hands while keeping your legs straight. This will stretch the hamstrings (back of the legs), calves, and shoulders. By keeping your head in line with your arms, you will also lengthen the spine and decrease tension throughout the neck. Hold for at least thirty seconds. If your legs are tight and do not straighten all the way, bend the knees until the muscles gradually elongate.

Stretch Two: Butterfly Stretch

This basic stretch increases mobility in the hip flexors and inner thigh area. Sit tall and place the soles of your feet together in front of you. Bring your feet closer to your body as your flexibility increases. Leaning forward while keeping the back straight will provide a deeper stretch.

Stretch Three: Standing Quad Stretch

Stand straight with your feet together near a wall or some other balancing support. While keeping the knees together, grab one foot behind you and pull it in close to the glutes. You should feel a stretch in the front of your thigh. Place the opposite hand against the wall and switch legs after thirty seconds.

Stretch Four: Tricep Stretch

Do this move one arm at a time. It can be completed either sitting or standing. Place your arm straight up and bend at the elbow. The lower half of the arm should drop behind so you can touch your back while your elbow is near the ear. Use the opposite arm to push the elbow back and stretch the tricep, which is located on the upper arm behind the bicep. Repeat on the other side.

Stretch Five: Lying Piriformis Stretch

Lie on your back with one leg bent, foot on the floor. Place the opposite outer ankle on the bent knee. Bring both legs up to a ninety degree angle. Use your hands to bring your legs closer to your body. You should feel a stretch on the outside of your glute. After holding stationary for thirty seconds, switch. This stretch improves hip flexibility and joint alignment.

Ten Stretches You Should Start Doing Today

Stretch Six: Cobra

Place your body facedown on a flat area. With your hands on either side of your ribs, push the upper body up while leaving the legs on the floor. Feet should be together. This provides a great stretch for the abdominals and spine. Hold for at least twenty seconds, then release.

Stretch Seven: Chest Stretch

Find a doorway and place one arm perpendicular to the frame. Press the area from your hand to shoulder against the wall and lean the rest of the body forward. This stretch will lengthen the pectorals muscles, also allowing for release of the upper back. Repeat on the other side.

Stretch Eight: Child’s Pose

Another yoga favorite, Child’s Pose is popular for releasing tension in the back, shoulders, hips, and quads. Tuck your knees to your chest while your forehead rests on the floor or mat. Stretch your arms overhead, palms down, making contact with the earth. Reach forward while pulling your hips back. This create length in the spine. Focus on deep breaths to expand the space inside your body.

Stretch Nine: Neck Stretch

Bend your head forward and to the left. Use a hand to gently apply pressure until you feel a stretch. Hold, then repeat on the right side. This basic stretch can relieve tension caused by sitting at a desk all day. Stretching the neck can help with upper back pain as well.

Stretch Ten: Lying Twist

This relaxing stretch relieves pressure in the lower back. Lie face up on the floor and bring both knees to the chest. Hold arms out, palms up at a ninety degree angle to both sides of the body. While keeping the knees together but shoulders on the ground, bring both legs over to the right and gently rest them on the floor. This twisting position is also stimulating for the organs. Hold for up to a minute, then switch sides.

These top ten stretches will help to improve your quality of life and provide a continued sense of well being. Just one stretch per day per body part can make a world of difference to your crossfit cycling ability and it is noticeable with in 7 to 10 days.

Finding Motivation for Work Outs

New exercise routines or workout programs can be hard to commit to but one of the main reasosn why I love crossfit so much is because you are not stuck doing the same old every week. You might find yourself putting off starting to exercise because you feel like you have too many other things to worry about.

Finding Motivation for Work Outs

There are millions of different reasons that people will use to get out of working out, it is normal. Exercise means pushing yourself and sometimes that doesn’t feel all that great. This is where motivation comes in. Motivation is the things that keep you going and can be anything in the world that inspires you to work harder to obtain your goal.

Below is a list of different motivations

  • Losing weight and looking good: though this does sound a bit conceded this is one of the main motivators for working out. Losing weight is a big issue for our generation and a lot of how we feel about ourselves comes from how much the scale says when we step on it. Many people find that they are not pleased with how much they weigh and will wish to change it. Using weight loss as a motivation will allow you to get started working out and will see you through some of your harder days.
  • The after work out feel: for all of us who have worked out you understand this one. After you finish a crossfit or cycling workout you feel accomplished. You have just completed something that will better your health and you feel a sense of pride in yourself. Also once you workout you feel lighter, less stressed, and possibly even happier than you did before you started which is why working out has been linked to helping alleviate depression, as well as some stress or anxiety disorders.
  • Fun: working out does not have to be dull and boring. There are so many activities that can be done for exercise that you can enjoy such as zumba classes or even something like paint ball. Any type of physical activity can be counted as exercise. If you are not having fun exercising then simply try some other activity until you find something that you enjoy. You are more likely to stick with exercise and working out if you find something that you enjoy to do so that exercising feels like less of a chore.
    I personally love crossfit and cycling and combining the two with sets of my own workouts keeps me motivated, check out my new workout routine in the next couple of weeks.
  • Rewards: It is okay to reward yourself for a good job whether it is working out an extra day a week or resisting the temptation of the last piece of chocolate cake. We use rewards for children when the exhibit good behavior or to our pets when they do a trick so why wouldn’t the same concept work for exercising? This is the perfect opportunity to go out and buy a new pair of cycling shoes or a crossfit DVD. Rewards don’t always have to have monetary value either. A reward could be a long hot bath, or getting a very small piece of cake after a long week of exercising and dieting.
  • Goals: this one goes hand in hand with the reward system. It is important to set realistic goals for yourself that you can be motivated to achieve. Working out and dieting will help you lose weight or maintain wellness but if you set unrealistic goals then you will set yourself up for disappointment. By setting many small goals that you can achieve along the way to wellness you will be more inclined to keep up with your exercise routine. A system of goals and rewards can help you stay motivated. For every small goal a small reward can be received which all build up to one large goal. It is important to remember to only work towards one goal at a time otherwise you run the risk of piling too much on your plate. If you pile too much on then you will lose focus and energy to maintain your goals.
  • Support: most people don’t understand how important this step is much less how much support they will have until they need it. Support is a huge motivation because each and every person that is supporting you is someone that cares about you and wants you to be happy and healthy. What better motivation could there be than people who care about you and want to see you do better? Whatever reason you are starting your workout for it is always better to achieve with a good strong support system.
  • Just stick with it: this may not seem like motivation but it really is. The mantra just stick with it should always be playing in your head as a reminder on days where your muscles might be a little achy or where you find yourself in a slump. If you believe in yourself and continue to think just stick with it then you are assured to finish your workout.

Foods to eat when you want to stay fit and healthy

When it comes to being at your best and get the most out of crossfit and cycling you need good food and only drink the correct fluids at all times.
Staying fit and healthy is a thing that all of us wish for in a lifetime but the problem is actually with the guidelines to go by in order to achieve this health condition. Staying fit and healthy is very important because it gives your body the immunity it needs to guard against chronic diseases.

Staying fit and healthy saves you of the stress of having to visit health centers from time to time in an effort to stay healthy. You actually save a lot of money by staying healthy and fit since you will not have to spend huge sum s of cash in seeking treatment. Well, the question that has always hit headlines in many countries around the world is on actually which foods to eat to stay healthy and fit.

In this article I want to take you step by step through some of the foods and exercises that can do you great good towards reaching your goals. Remember that eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. With the rightful kind of food you can be able to develop a great immune system as well as give your body the best nutrients it deserves. There are a lot of good foods most of which are cheap to buy ands are available in the markets near you.

Foods to eat when you want to stay fit and healthy

The list of the top foods to eat in order to stay fit and healthy

  • Chicken breast-This is actually a great source of proteins and provided you can afford it is only good that you incorporate it in your budget. Like I usually say, there is nothing wrong with spending your cash on foods that keep you health. Your health should be given the first priority regardless of how important other activities actually are in your life including crossfit and cycling :-).
    Without good health you can not be able to go around your day to day activities as required. You do not have to buy a full chicken every time since you can visit those vendors at your nearby market and buy yourself the chicken breast. There are various ways of having the chicken breast. As a matter of fact you may choose to have it baked, grilled or even as chicken stew. It is not only about staying healthy but it is delicious as


  • Lemons-Taking a cup of warm water with lemon is a very great way towards your great dream of becoming healthy and fit. May be you may be asking yourself about the reality behind that .It is simple-the secret here is that the warm water and lemon actually go a long way in the process of speeding up metabolism. Lemon is used by a lot of people as a salad dressing and it just makes everything look very pleasant. The other use of the lemon and that I do mostly is actually that one of flavoring chicken and fish. You will end up licking your fingers like it or not yet at the same time you will have provided your body with a wonderful diet.


  • Garlic and ginger-As a matter of fact you definitely must have heard of these two herbs or even come across them. One thing that is for sure is that they sell at very affordable prices that anyone can afford. The idea here is-if they are really affordable and can complement your health, then why not make them part of your diet? The two herbs have been said to  help in digestion a great deal and not only that, they also perform wonders when it comes to reducing blood pressure.


  • Apples-An apple is a fruit that is packed with fiber and has a very great nutritional value. Having it with some almond or peanut butter can be a great eating experience that at the same time provides your body with the necessary nutrients.


  • Chia seeds-Have you ever heard of these great seeds? I hope you have and if not then the internet can be quite helpful to you right from educating you on what these seeds actually are and at the same time the top stores to actually purchase them from. These seeds provide you with the Omega-fatty acid, fiber, minerals including iron, magnesium and zinc. All of these minerals are very important for the right functioning of the human body. This is another way of saying that these seeds are just what you really need.


  • Sweet potatoes-Sweet potatoes are very nutritious. They contain beta-carotene, vitamin c fiber and potassium. These beneficial ingredients can really do you great good.

The above foods are just but a small fraction of the great foods that can help you a great deal in achieving a state of good health. There are many more foods but at the same time you should engage in exercises from time to time in order to reach your dreams.

How to Plan for your Crossfit Cycling Sessions

The same effort you put into your most important daily activities is the same effort you should direct towards your crossfit cycling sessions. Why am I saying this? I am saying this because staying fit is part and parcel of a successful life style. Fitness boosts your confidence a great deal and as you well know confidence is a must in order to be successful in life.

Today I am going to take you through some measures you need to put in place while planning for your crossfit cycling sessions in achieving fitness. Remember that walking the talk is what brings about results. You do not just learn of these tips and just sit there. You must put them into correct use if you need to be successful.

How to Plan for your Crossfit Cycling Sessions

How do you plan for your crossfit cycling sessions in achieving fitness?

  • Create a plan and stick to it-Like I said earlier on, planning is not enough. It is making those plans count that really matters. You do not just wake up one morning and set up plans. The plans you set must be achievable. Setting up achievable goals and going ahead to reach them is central to achieving immense success in your training sessions. Setting up a plan beforehand offers you guidance during the crossfit cycling sessions. You will always be sure on what the next stage is and thus you will not have to deal with cases of uncertainties. Uncertainty can be quite discouraging and as a gym instructor I usually advise my students to do their level best to have that perfect plan. I give them the freedom to write it down but for those who can keep it in their mind then the better. The bottom line is that they must do the exercises in some logical order.
  • Be realistic-Being realistic in this context is more about setting up plans that match up to your true abilities and goals as well. That is not all about a good plan. The plan should still go ahead to enable you maximize your time as required as well as spend your energy in the most efficient way possible. How do you achieve this? For instance if you are a beginner and you recently started using free weights, it is only advisable that you try your level best to avoid lifting weights that are considerably heavier than you can manage. How is this important? It favors you a great deal since you will be able to avoid all cases of injuries that might be attributed to lifting heavier weights than you can handle. You must be keen enough to look out for yourself. When you avoid injuries it then means that you will not tamper with your exercise plans and therefore reaching your set objectives will be really easy.
  • Do your best-Hereby you need to do all you do in such away that you give it your all. Doing things whole-heartedly is said to bring about much more desirable results. Slacking off is the worst thing you can do during your training sessions. It will be for the best if you will try as much as possible to work hardworking had has nothing to do with trying to do something beyond your abilities and at the same time you should not do very simple exercises that will not add any value to you. You are out there to try for as much as possible to better yourself and not the other way round. You should carry out some work out that challenge you. That will guarantee you great success.
  • Stay focused-Maintaining high levels focus is not only important in your crossfit cycling sessions but also in many more perspectives of life. Life is all about being focused. How do you get focused? May be you are asking yourself such a question as a matter of fact. This is what I have to say in relation to that question-no one knows you much better than you know yourself. You are in a much better position to know what works and what does not work for you in an effort to maintain focus. If listening to music helps you focus then there is no harm with carrying along your phone and earphones. If you are that person who focuses much better in a less noisy place then you can do whatever possible to ensure that. Under this I would also wish to emphasize on the importance of following the training procedures as is required. Getting fit is a process and there are outlined steps that one must follow. Failure to follow those steps means that you ARE HEADED for failure.
  • Hydrate-Water is really necessary in any health and fitness. A drop in your body’s hydration levels believe it or not will hinder you a great deal in making the most of your crossfit cycling sessions. You went out there to succeed and not to fail so it is only right to do the right thing at the right time and the right way.

5 Ways to Crossfit Strength Train

When the temperature drops many of us feel the unexplained need to either stay indoors all winter long while squeezing in a workout when we can, or just flat out hibernate. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about hitting up the gym on a regular basis. However, the same repetitive fresh-air-lacking routine can really take a toll on you.

Staying active during the winter months is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and if you’re anything like me, the thought of exercising indoors day in and day out drives you crazy. Women are more likely to skimp on strength training more often than men, but when the winter months roll around, you’re just as likely as everyone else—regardless of gender or age—to skimp on a workout when the thermometer dips below the freezing marks.

5 Ways to Crossfit Strength Train

So, what’s the best way to stay warm, get fit, and enjoy a healthy outdoor workout when it’s cold outside? The activities listed in this article will provide you with everything you need and then some. By the time summer rolls around you’ll be welcoming folks to the gun show.

Here are a few different ways to get your swimsuit body in January:

  • Chop some wood. This activity is a 2 for 1 deal! Not only will you develop some serious biceps and upper body strength, you’ll be performing a productive activity that will provide you with the necessary fuel you need for a fire to unwind next to later on. Swinging an ax Little House on the Prairie style will work you core, biceps, and back—just be careful! A 45 minute workout that unleashes lumberjack is good for burning around 500 calories.
  • Rake the leaves. With the right attitude you can turn this boring yard chore into a killer workout for your upper body. If you live in an apartment or your yard just happens to be leaf free, pick up some brownie points with your workout and take your rake to the local park or a neighbor’s yard. When you finish raking you can work your lower body—glutes, hamstrings, and lower back—bending over and squatting down to pick up your piles and dispose of them. Just make sure that you use the proper technique so as to avoid injury.
  • Shovel some snow. Leave the snow blower in the garage and take care of business the old fashioned way. Shoveling snow for 30 minutes will burn up to 200 calories and is the equivalent of a full-body workout. This outdoor activity isn’t for the faint of heart—it really gets your blood pumping and does some serious work on your core, legs, and arms.
  • Push kids on the swingset. First things first, make sure the little tykes are bundled up properly—hats, coats, boots, and warm hats. You don’t have to be a parent to know that keeping up with kids at the park is a workout. What most people don’t know is that they can squeeze in a strength and balance workout just by giving their favorite ankle biters a push on the swing. Work your glutes, arms, core, and back by pushing one kid, or two kids (simultaneously or alternating) on the swing set. They’ll have fun playing and you’ll have fun working out. It’s a win-win for everyone!
  • Clean out the shed or garage. It’s not the most glamorous chore or workout known to man, but rolling up your sleeves and tackling your out-of-the-house storage places is a great way to work up a sweat even when it’s cold outside. Moving boxes, heavy furniture, etc., is a great full-body strength workout. Not to mention you can burn up to 400 calories per hour while taking care of the one task you’ve been putting off all year long.

Regular—year round—outdoor exercise is known to help improve energy levels and decrease levels of stress. If you think about, the possibilities are endless. If it’s not too cold you can always squeeze in a fun winter run or bike ride. Horseback riding is another fun outdoor activity that results in a good workout regardless of the temperature. All you have to do is think out of the box and find a way to stay active outside despite the cold. What are some of your favorite outdoor wintertime workouts?